We are a full-service home and small business computer repair, maintenance, and sales company.

Orange County's Computer Repair Specialists

The Rite Click is dedicated to providing you with the most efficient, reliable and affordable solutions for all of your computer needs. With our quick turn-around time and friendly staff, we can help you with almost any technology needs, or crises, you may have. Whether you are a home user with one computer, or a small business owner with many computers, we can handle it.

    We have several ways to troubleshoot your computer:
  • Remote access
  • On-site home and business support
  • By appointment at our location

Service & Repair

With technology getting more advanced and complex these days, Murphy's Law seems more prevalent than ever! Did your new printer installation freeze the entire computer again? Can't figure out how to change your password in Windows 7? Or did some part break inside or outside of the computer?

Just because something can go wrong, doesn't mean it should. We're here to help. Don't let your computer boss you around. We can fix many issues you might be having.

    Some symptoms might include:
  • Slow start-up or shut down
  • Equipment not installing properly
  • Broken Laptop LCD screens
  • Bad DC Laptop Jacks
  • Constant Hard Drive or CPU activity
  • Program sluggishness
  • Annoying pop-ups or lack of internet
  • Constant errors, crashes, or blue screens
  • Computer won't start, or makes funny noises

If your computer is experiencing these issues, or is producing other unknown types of behavior, call or email us to today!